Exceed the Righteousness of the Pharisees? ๐Ÿค”

I want to go to the Kingdom, but exceed? How can that be? The Pharisees were the most righteous people alive in Yeshua’s day! To understand what Yeshua means, it is imperative to be familiar with what Pharisees believe.

As some of you know, I grew up in the church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee, the heart of the “Bible belt”. My mother enforced a very strict church regime (which I am thankful for today), but we were never taught anything about the Pharisees. We avoided that subject like the plague. It wasn’t until I went on an Israel tour in 2003 that I understood the Pharisee belief better.

Our Christian tour guide, Yoni Gerrish, explained to us about the Talmud, the book that the Ultra-Orthodox Jews carefully follow. Through the millennia, in order to not trespass against any commandment written in Torah (Gen-Deut) they built “fences” around the commandments to keep them from coming close to breaking Torah. For instance, they have rules on how to put on your shoes, which leg to put in your pants first in the morning and so on. Like Yeshua said, they have made the burden too hard for men. Every single task is regimented. Impossible. One “fence” they have built is even mentioned in the gospels. There is a rule about washing your hands ceremonially before eating. You use a cup, pouring water over one hand while holding the cup (I don’t know which hand has to be first, but you can see how it’s done in the film, “Ushpizin”.) in the other hand while saying a specific blessing, and then repeat the process on the other hand. The Pharisees and scribes came to Yeshua with this question:

โ€œWhy do Your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders (Talmud)? For they do not wash their hands when they eat bread.โ€

The Pharisees in Matthew 15:2 (Mark chapter 7 touches on this account as well.)

Yeshua counters their question by concluding:

“These defile a man, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man.โ€

Yeshua in Matthew 15:20

Basically, Yeshua was teaching against Talmud in this conversation. Talmud had grown more important than Torah to them. Yeshua was breaking their “fences” down, and it infuriated them. He was stripping the elders of their power. Yeshua was making it clear that Torah, not Talmud, was King. The Word of Eloheim over the traditions of the elders.

Yeshua assures us that following Torah is not a heavy burden.

So, back to our original question. How do we become more righteous than the Pharisees? We look at what Yeshua says. We take into account what He said is the first (greatest) commandment.

How do we love YHVH with all of our heart, soul and strength? Well, how did Yeshua do it? Obeying Him! Action! If we fail at the greatest commandment, the others are pointless.

What next? Yeshua says that loving your neighbor is the next important commandment and tells us what that looks like in His parable of the good Samaritan. (Luke 10:25-37) Compassion, patience, mercy and grace encompass how we should treat people. Sometimes easier said than done. People can be real jerks.

Love the Father. Love others.

Who Knew Lamentations (ืื™ื›ื”) Was So Cool?!

The first word that comes to mind when reading Lamentations in English is hardly the word “cool”. It would probably be “depressing” or “morose”, which is why it is an appropriate book to read on the Day of Atonement/ Yom Kippur, but the way Jeremiah wrote it in Hebrew is nothing short of genius. It is similar to Psalm 119, in that Jeremiah adds a poetic element. For instance, in chapter 1 he begins each verse with the first through twenty-second Hebrew letter in their respective order. Here is a photo of the first nine verses of chapter 1:

Hebrew is read from right to left. Each verse begins with the next respective letter in the Hebrew aleph-bet. In this example we have chapter 1, verses 1 (alef – ื) through verse 9 (tet – ื˜).
Lamentations, chapter 1, verses 10 (yod -ื™) through verse 19 (qoof – ืง)

Chapter two repeats the sequence.

At the top we have the last 3 verses/last 3 letters of the alef-bet. Resh (ืจ), shin (ืฉ) and tav (ืช). Then chapter 2, verse 1 begins each verse with the aleph-bet again. Alef (ื) being first.

Sidebar for chapter 2, verse 2. Do you see that stand-alone alef tav (ืืช) highlighted in pink in the above photo? That verse literally says: Adonai has swallowed up and has not pitied ET (ืืช)… (ืืช representing Yeshua.) (Foreshadowing of Yeshua on the tree.)

Chapter 2, verses 7 (zayin- ื–) through verse 15 (samech – ืก).
Chapter 2, verses 16 (pey – ืค) through the end of the chapter, verse 22 (tav – ืช).

As you can see from the above photo, Jeremiah changes things up when beginning chapter 3. Now he begins three verses at a time with the Hebrew aleph-bet! For instsnce, verses 1, 2 and 3 begin with the letter aleph (ื). Verses 4, 5 and 6 begin with bet (ื‘), etc. He writes all of chapter 3 in this sequence. Chapter three, three verse intervals!

Chapter 3, verses 8 and 9 (gimel – ื’) through verses 34 and 35 (lamed – ืœ).
Chapter 3, verses 36 (lamed – ืœ) through verses 61, 62 and 63 (shin – ืฉ)

In chapter 4 Jeremiah goes back to single verses but continues starting each verse with the Hebrew alef bet.

The last 3 verses of chapter 3, verses 64, 65 and 66 (tav – ืช), and the beginning of chapter 4, verse beginning with aleph again (ื).
Chapter 4, verses 13 (mem – ืž) through verse 22 (tav – ืช), and the beginning of chapter 5.

Chapter 5 has no special attributes, as far as I know. (Which makes me think that chapter 5’s secrets are amazing!)

There are hidden treasures in the Hebrew!

Wait Quietly

Most people would agree that the whole world is in a form of tribulation right now and most who believe Yeshua is the Messiah look forward to the day that He returns and defeats His enemies. Lamentations has a verse that speaks directly to us believers in Yeshua. Turn to 3:26. It reads:

The Hebrew word for salvation (ืœึดืชึฐืฉืื•ึผืขึทึ–ืช) is the same root as Yeshua’s name.
26ย ื˜ึคื•ึนื‘ ื•ึฐื™ึธื—ึดื™ืœึ™ ื•ึฐื“ื•ึผืžึธึ”ื ืœึดืชึฐืฉืื•ึผืขึทึ–ืช ื™ึฐื”ื•ึธึฝื”:

We should practice waiting quietly for our Yeshua in these chaotic times. For our sanity’s sake. ๐Ÿ˜‡

Hโ‚ฌll tืก Hydืจa

Mark repeats this three times!

You should Google “hydra – genus”. The hydra organism is a stem cell creature that is found in the vaccines people are allowing to be injected into their bodies. The hydra is very difficult to kill because if you cut it in half, you have now created two. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about the hydra genus:

Biologists are especially interested in Hydra because of their regenerative ability โ€“ they do not appear to die of old age, or to age at all.

Wikipedia, Hydra – genus https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra_(genus)

Here is another excerpt from the same article:

Hydras undergo morphallaxis (tissue regeneration) when injured or severed. Typically, Hydras will reproduce by just budding off a whole new individual; the bud will occur around two-thirds of the way down the body axis. When a Hydra is cut in half, each half will regenerate and form into a small Hydra; the “head” will regenerate a “foot” and the “foot” will regenerate a “head”. This regeneration occurs without cell division. If the Hydra is sliced into many segments, the middle slices will form both a “head” and a “foot”.

Wikipedia, Hydra – genus

Isaiah speaks of a worm that never dies.

Isa 66:24 โ€œAnd they shall go forth and look
Upon the corpses of the men
Who have transgressed against Me.
For their worm does not die,
And their fire is not quenched.
They shall be an abhorrence to all flesh.โ€

My brother had sent me this interview of Dr. Carrie Madej last week. Very revealing. https://rumble.com/vn482j-dr.-carrie-madej-first-u.s.-lab-examines-vaccine-vials-horrific-findings-re.html

If you have not taken the jab, I pray that you never do. This is your eternity at stake. This blog is short but I hope you look into this further on your own.

Shalom, b’shem Yeshua ha’Mashiach ๐Ÿ’•

Yeshua, a copy of the law/ Torah

Joshua 8:32

We have a witness in Joshua 8:32 of Yeshua, represented by a stand-alone Alef Tav, being a copy, a duplicate, of the Torah of Moses. The verse reads in English:

But here is the verse with our Aleph Tav reinserted:

I looked up mishneh (ืžืฉื ื”) in my concordance to see how the word is used in other verses and here are the results:

First half of entry. H4932 ืžืฉื ื”
Second half of entry. H4932 ืžืฉื ื”

From this book:

The results say to me that this Alef Tav is witnessing that Yeshua, represented as the Alef Tav, is a copy or a double of the Torah of Moses! The Word/ Torah made flesh!

Joshua told us this long before John told us but we would never see it in the English!

Yah’s Torah is alive forevermore! โค๏ธ Because Yeshua is alive forevermore!

The video of this finding is here

Evil Shall Befall You In the Latter Days

Yeshua has no part in evil, but will destroy it. Do you practice evil?

Anyone who claims to be a “Christian” and celebrates evil is evil. Holy cannot mix with evil.

Read and understand:

Haggai 2:11 - โ€œThus says YHVH Tzevaot: โ€˜Now, ask the priests concerning Torah, saying, 
12) โ€œIf one carries holy meat in the fold of his garment, and with the edge he touches bread or stew, wine or oil, or any food, will it become holy?โ€โ€™โ€

Then the priests answered and said, โ€œNo.โ€

13) And Haggai said, โ€œIf one who is unclean because of a dead body touches any of these, will it be unclean?โ€

So the priests answered and said, โ€œIt shall be unclean.โ€

14) Then Haggai answered and said, โ€œโ€˜So is this people, and so is this nation before Me,โ€™ declares YHVH, โ€˜and so is every work of their hands; and what they offer there is unclean."

Do you understand? A Christian who practices evil does not make the evil good. The evil makes the Christian defiled. What YHVH declares an abomination is an abomination. You can’t pray an abominable thing holy. He will not bless something He declares unclean, abominable or evil. They will only defile you, making you worthy of destruction.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

Ark of the Covenant and Yeshua

Just a quick recap for those new to this blog, Yeshua tells us four times in Revelation that He is the Alef Tav. Rev 1:8, 1:11, 21:6 and 22:13. It has been hidden for 2,000 years because the translators changed it to Greek from the original Hebrew that John would have written it in and that Yeshua would have been speaking. You know the words as Alpha and Omega, which has no significant meaning apart from the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet, but Aleph (ื) and Tav (ืช) have profound meanings in the Hebrew! All throughout the Tanakh (Gen-Malachi) there is a Hebrew word comprised of the Aleph Tav (ืืช). Most times it is connected to a word with a hyphen but every once-in-a-while it stands alone, unhyphenated. The word – ืืช- is untranslatable. Hebrew scholars would tell you it is a word that points to the direct object, but not all direct objects have one. I would also ask the scholars, “What is the grammatical difference between the hyphenated -ืืช and the unhyphenated?” They would not know. But we know that there are hidden meanings in those unhyphenated ืืช that point to our Messiah! Let’s look at some examples! Turn in your bible to Joshua 3:3. The verse reads in English:

Jos 3:3 - "and they commanded the people, saying, โ€œWhen you see the ark of the covenant of YHVH Elohechem*, and the priests, the Levites, bearing it, then you shall set out from your place and go after it."

* Elohechem = your (2nd person plural) Eloheim.

But the Hebrew reads:

The breakdown of the Hebrew:

Sceptics may be thinking that this is just a coincidence, but then I would say – There are eight other witnesses of Yeshua connected to the ark! And here they are:

Nine witnesses of Yeshua being connected to the ark of the covenant! Why do you think that is? Could it be because the ark of the covenant holds the sacred tablets that were written with the finger of Eloheim? The tablets that were also called the Testimony? (Exo 25:22 (which also has a stand-alone Alef Tav next to it!)) Yeshua is the faithful witness, the everlasting Testimony to the Word of Eloheim made flesh!

The Word is alive forevermore! ๐Ÿ’•

Happy New Moon Day!

“Blow the trumpet (shofar) at the time of the New Moon”… Psa 81:3a

We’re not sure if it’s the start of the 7th or 8th month at this point but have a blessed month whichever it is!

Bo (come) Yeshua! โค๏ธ !ื‘ื•ื ื ื ื™ืฉื•ืข

Love is a Verb

Once upon a time there were two sisters who were married to kind, gentle men. The older sister told her husband that she loved him but she would cheat on him every chance she got. He would ask her to do something and she would just scoff and tell him to do it himself, but every night before bed she would cuddle up to him and sweetly say – “I love you”.

Her sister, on the other hand, was faithful to her husband, not giving other men a second look. He would ask her to do something and she would try her best to do it. She tried to make her husband happy. If she wasn’t able to do something perfectly that he asked her to do, he was understanding and forgiving. Helping her. Guiding her. At night she would cuddle up to her husband and say, “I love you”.

My questions to you, the reader, are – Who really loves their husband? Do you think each husband knows which of them is really loved?

Our Maker is our husband and He loves us so much that He has provided us an instruction manuel. He doesn’t expect us to blindly guess what makes Him happy or what He expects from us, His spouse. He lovingly taught Adam and Adam passed it to his children and grandchildren through Shem, but along the way His word got diluted so that He finally had Moses give us the copy in stone; written with His own finger. We have His Word today.

…that you may DO it.

Just saying you love Him is not enough. He is not fooled.

Love is a verb.

John 14:21 - "He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.โ€

John 14:23 - Yeshua answered and said to him, โ€œIf anyone loves me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.
24 He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine but the Fatherโ€™s who sent Me."

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