Yeshua in the Torah

There are some important witnesses of Yeshua in this week’s Torah portion that I thought I would share. If you’re not sure what it means when I say that Yeshua is represented as the stand-alone Aleph Tav in the older testament, please see the blog post “the Mysterious Aleph Tav (את)” click here to get you caught up. 😉👍

This week’s portion is called “Ki Tisa”/ “when you take” and it comprises Exo 30:11 through 34:35, or to the end of chapter 34. The first witness I want to draw your attention to is in 33:12. Our verse reads:

Then Moshe said to YHVH, “See, You say to me, ‘Bring up this people.’ But You have not let me know את whom You will send with me. Yet You have said, ‘I know you by name, and you have also found grace in My sight.’

Moses in Exodus 33:12
The stand-alone Alef Tav is highlighted on the right in pink.

The short (46 second) Youtube for this witness of Yeshua is linked here

Yeshua was with the children of Israel every step of the way through their journeys. As the apostle John tells us in 1 John 4:12 – “No one has seen God at any time…” and that would include Moshe. Like I’ve said before – John gets it! He knows that it was Yeshua in the wilderness speaking face to face with Moshe (Exo 33:11)! But I’m excitedly getting ahead of myself. 😇 In the above example Moses is asking the Father to let him know the Alef Tav, Yeshua, whom the Father has sent with them. Right after this is when the Father puts Moshe in the cleft of the rock and passes His glory by Moshe, describing Himself in the process. It is here that we have another witness of Yeshua, but as a tittle, not an Aleph Tav.

In Exo 34:7 is where our tittle (jot and tittle of Matt 5:18) is found. The Hebrew word for “keeping”, as in “keeping mercy” is “notzer” (נצר), which has the same root as “Nazareth” (נצרת) and “Nazarene” (נצרי). The Youtube of this tittle can be found here. See photo below of Matt 2:23.

Our tittle in Exo 34:7 is an enlarged nun (נ) (pronounced: noon) in the word notzer (נצר). Throughout all of the older testament in the hand written scrolls stigmatized letters are passed down from copy to copy. Some letters are enlarged, some are written smaller, some are written as floating letters. Some letters are written backward and one letter (vav) (ו) is bisected. These are all called tittles by Yeshua. Jots are dots written above certain words, as in Gen 33:4, and my favorite, Deut 29:29.

Enlarged nun in “notzer” of Exo 34:7

The Hebrew nun has a numerical value of “50” and represents a fish. (What symbol do you think of when you think of Christianity?) The action the nun represents is a “quickening of life”. I heard Monte Judah describe it perfectly as when you approach a stream of water and as you kneel down to catch a fish it darts off, almost quicker than the eye can perceive. The nun represents Yeshua in those ways. The Jubilee year is the 50th year and 120 Jubilees is understood to be the time when Yeshua comes back. As YHVH says in Gen 6:3 – “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” This 120 years is understood as Jubilee years. One hundred twenty times 50 = 6,000 years. Just in time for Yeshua’s thousand year reign of peace. Plenty of people lived past the age of 120 years after YHVH said that. What He said had a much deeper meaning.

The next witness is in Exo 34:11, which literally says in the Hebrew:  Guard for yourselves את… (Or:  Guard for yourselves Alef Tav…) The youtube video #19 shows this witness in greater depth. See the Youtube video here

The last example that I will show today is in Exo 34:28. The verse reads, with the Alef Tav reinserted:

So he was there with YHVH forty days and forty nights; he neither ate bread nor drank water. And He wrote on the tablets את words of the covenant, Ten Words (Commandments).

So in this example we have Yeshua, represented as the stand alone Alef Tav as the words of the covenant. The 10 Commandments. It is scary to me how many so-called “followers of Christ” claim that Yeshua’s everlasting words written in Genesis through Deuteronomy and the prophets have been “done away with”. It is no wonder why His return is with fire. There is also a short Youtube explaining this witness of Yeshua also. Just click here

Exo 34:28b

These are not the only witnesses of Yeshua in this Torah portion but they are just a few to highlight for you. Yeshua is intertwined all over the older testament (Tanakh). The Tanakh is alive because Yeshua is alive as the Word made flesh!

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