Yeshua, the Firstfruit offering

There is a verse in Leviticus/Va’yikra that prophecys Yeshua as the Firstfruit offering! Turn to Lev 2:14, which reads:

"If you offer a grain offering of your firstfruits to YHVH, you shall offer for the grain offering of your firstfruits green heads of grain roasted on the fire, grain beaten from full heads." - Lev 2:14 

Does anything pop out at you from that verse? For instance – “beaten”?

Photo of Lev 2:14

The Hebrew is worded quite different from the English but I’ve highlighted our Alef Tav (את), as usual.

The circled word “אביב” is “Aviv” (Strong’s H24) which means “green heads of grain” in this verse but Aviv is also the name of the first Hebrew month of the year. Aviv is also in the name of Tel Aviv, the coastal city in Israel. “Tel” (תל – H8510) means “a heap”, usually referring to a city laid waste and covered with soil over time.
The last 3 words of Lev 2:14 broken down. את מנחת בכוריך

Not only was Yeshua our Firstfruit offering but since He is the Messiah, He still HAD to fulfill the Firstfruit commandment, which He did. When He was resurrected after the 3 days and 3 nights, (Wed afternoon til Sat afternoon) as prophecied by Jonah, Yeshua got busy gathering the Firstfruit offering to present to the Father. We see Him early on the first day of the week by the full moon holding His sheaves of barley (the first ripe grain). Mary thinks He is the gardener (John 20:15). 17) Yeshua said to her, “Do not cling to Me (NKJV) (touch Me (KJV)), for I have not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, ‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to Elohai and Elohechem.’ ” (The Hebrew word for ascend is “olah” which translates as “burnt offering”. So not only is He the beaten Firstfruits offering but He is also the sinless High Priest who was the spotless (olah/burnt offering) Lamb that ascended to the Father with the Firstfruits offering of grain. He had to fulfill all of that, being Messiah! Whew! Mind boggling!)

Yeshua had to ascend (olah) on the day after the Sabbath (Lev 23:11) of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the first day of the week. We know He did because later He tells Thomas to feel His wounds so that he would believe. (John 20:27) Thomas could then touch Him because He had already ascended with the Firstfruits offering.

Next month’s Passover is so important! Yeshua says – “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” (Luke 22:19)

I have a dear uncle, now estranged (2 Jn 9, 10), who renounced Yeshua as the Messiah back in 2012. It broke my heart to pieces when he lost his salvation. He still has a Passover every year that an aunt goes to and I asked her this year what it is like attending a Passover (they did it a month too early) that doesn’t reference Yeshua at all. She said they talk about Moses a lot. But I have never, and would never, attend a salvation-less (Yeshua-less) Passover. What would be the point? He is our Passover, spotless Lamb who was slain. He entered Jerusalem (the house) four days before He was to be slaughtered (Exo 12:2-6). We eat bitter herbs to remember His gruesome suffering. The unleavened bread has stripes and puncture holes in it and it has no leaven (hypocrisy- Luke 12:1), just like our Messiah. The wine is His precious blood shed for us. (John 6:55 “For my flesh is food indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.” 56) He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.”

53 ¶Then Yeshua said unto them, "Most assuredly, I say unto you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink His blood, you have no life in you.

54 Whoever eats My flesh, and drinks My blood, has eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day." - John 6:53, 54

If you did your Passover this month (March 2021), before the barley was ripe in Israel, I urge you to get back on track next month and redo your Passover. The Father’s appointed times (moedim) are just that; HIS appointed times. Not times we conjure for ourselves. May our Father give us confirmation that His Passover is in April this year.

If, heaven forbid, you have renounced your first love, Yeshua ha’Mashiach, may you come to see that witnesses of Him saturate all of the older testament in the form of His stand-alone Aleph Tavs. My uncle renouncing Him is why I started doing all of the Alef Tav videos, to show him witnesses of Yeshua in the Tanakh. May these blogs/videos be a blessing to you.

There is a video about Yeshua as our redeemer as well. Just click here

Me in Tel Aviv

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