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Yeshua as the zaroah/ shank bone AND as the seed we are to sow

Tonight as I was reading the Torah portion of Behar (Lev 25:1-26:2) I came to a stand-alone Alef Tav that I had skipped over previously, not understanding it’s significance. But this time it jumped out at me!

If you do YHVH’s commandment of Passover/Pesach, this treasure will be clear to you. If you have yet to attend a Passover seder then maybe this treasure will reveal the importance of being a part of one.

Turn with me, please, to Leviticus 25:22. Our verse reads:

"And you shall sow את in the eighth year, and eat old produce until the ninth year; until its produce comes in, you shall eat of the old harvest." - Lev 25:22

The original Hebrew reads:

The first word in red above, reading from the right to left, is pronounced “u’zraa’tem” and means “And you (pl.) shall sow”. It is the Strong’s number H2232, and here is the Strong’s entry:

The root word is זרע

Also in the Hebrew verse above, next to “u’zraa’tem” and also in red, is our stand-alone Alef Tav (את), which, if you’ve read many of my blogs or seen many of my YouTube videos, you know that the stand-alone Alef Tavs represent Yeshua, per Rev 1:8, 1:11, 21:6 & 22:13. (By replacing apha and omega with the original Hebrew.)

Shank bone/zaroah of a lamb

At the Passover seder, a plate is typically displayed that has a shank bone/zaroah of a lamb on it which represents the Passover Lamb that was slain. Here in this Torah portion we have the stand-alone Alef Tav, representing Yeshua, next to a word with the same root as zaroah (זרוע). Here is the Strong’s entry for zaroah:

Zaroah/arm/shank bone’s root is the same as “to sow”.

Isn’t this a perfect example of the gospel?! We are to sow (זרע) the good seeds of Yeshua (את), our spotless Passover Lamb, whose arm (זרוע) will never be shortened. He stretches His arms out to us still.

May you be blessed, friend, and Shabbat shalom!

P.S. – The bible that I’m using has an ISBN of: 965-431-005-8 or 965-431-015-5 Hebrew/English Bible


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