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All of YHVH’s People Are Tested

Throughout the millenniums the people of YHVH are always tested in some way of another. The Father makes it clear. Even Yeshua was tested and passed beautifully. Job was tested and passed also, but Adam and Eve were tested, and failed. All two+ million people who left Egypt were tested and only 2 men were allowed into the Promised Land. The odds are daunting.

When Yeshua was tested by ha’satan, He countered the attacks with Deut 8:3, Deut 6:16 and Deut 6:13. Afterward, Mat 4:11 says “Then the devil left Him,”… So we know from that example that the devil will leave us if Torah (Gen-Deut) is used to counter his attacks! 😉

First, let’s verify that we are being tested. I would ask you to first read Deuteronomy chapter 13.

In Deuteronomy chapter 13, the Father says that even those closest to us may cause us to stumble, not to mention someone we look highly upon, like a “prophet” or even someone claiming they had a dream. We have to be so careful who we listen to and heed. The enemy is prowling to and fro throughout the earth devouring those whom he can.

There is a way to know how we’re doing but you have to grade yourself because only you know what you believe and what creed you live by. Let’s grade ourselves to see how we’re doing, shall we? We can even begin by looking at Yeshua’s examples. The first time the devil (ha’satan/the adversary) tests Yeshua, Yeshua answers Him with Deu 8:3:

The first question we need to ask ourselves is – Are we living by every word that proceeded from the mouth of YHVH?

Here we have to make a distinction between what man says and what YHVH has said. We have to know Genesis through Malachi (or 2 Chronicles, depending on what kind of bible you have) backwards and forwards. If we do not know what YHVH says, we are sitting ducks ready for devouring. Do you remember what Yeshua said is the greatest commandment? To love YHVH is to know Him and to know intimately what He said, as Yeshua did and does. How are you doing on the test so far?

The third answer Yeshua countered ha’satan with was:

Did Yeshua worship YHVH? Absolutely! Did Yeshua serve YHVH? Unquestionably, YES. Faultlessly. Completely. Unhesitatingly. Did He teach His 12 Apostles to follow Him, doing likewise? A resounding YES! Is that Yeshua’s Gospel? YES!

Right about now, if not sooner, that old deceiver is dropping doubts and rebuttals into your brain. They are the same old tired rebuttals he’s used for centuries but if you pay attention you will recognize that those old arguments have no basis on anything Yeshua said. They have no basis from anything the 12 Apostles of the Lamb said. And they certainly are not from the Almighty.  THAT, my dear, is how you can tell who is whispering in your ear. 👂 Who will you listen to? Yeshua is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. No one else.

There is a revival happening and it is happening within the pages of your bible! NOT in any building and not from any man. Yeshua sent the Helper to HELP YOU but He will only be able to help through words of YHVH or Yeshua. Get to know the Father first.

Urgent times we are in.

Shalom to you in the name Yeshua. ❤️


Published by Holly Hickey הדסה היקי

It's not about me, it's about my Father, His holy, unchanging Word, Yeshua made flesh! No ear tickling here. (And maybe a couple of posted recipes that I've been unable to find online elsewhere. 😉)

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