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Devotion to YHVH

Father, may You know by my actions the degree of my adoration for You. You are what matter most in my life.

I choose this day to serve You, for You are Elyon (Most High), YHVH Tzevaot (of hosts), and I long to be with You for eternity.

In your mercy and loving kindness You have given us an instruction manuel for happiness, wholeness and so that we may draw near to Your holy presence. You even provided access to Your Holy Spirit to help us remember Your Word. Thank you, Father, for your love.

Reader, to help you draw nearer to Him, I challenge you to read Psalm 119, David’s love letter to the Word of YHVH (and we know who the Word of YHVH is!). 😉💕 When you come to the word “law”, read it as the original Hebrew word “Torah”. It will change the way you think! I’ve included some excerpts to get you primed.

Did you know? In the Hebrew, verses 1-8 of Psalm 119 begin with alef (א), the first Hebrew letter. Then verses 9-16 begin with bet (ב), the 2nd Hebrew letter. Verses 17-24, gimel (ג), etcetera! Every 8 verses begins with the next Hebrew letter!

Shabbat Shalom ❣️


Published by Holly Hickey הדסה היקי

It's not about me, it's about my Father, His holy, unchanging Word, Yeshua made flesh! No ear tickling here. (And maybe a couple of posted recipes that I've been unable to find online elsewhere. 😉)

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