Yeshua, a copy of the law/ Torah

Joshua 8:32

We have a witness in Joshua 8:32 of Yeshua, represented by a stand-alone Alef Tav, being a copy, a duplicate, of the Torah of Moses. The verse reads in English:

But here is the verse with our Aleph Tav reinserted:

I looked up mishneh (משנה) in my concordance to see how the word is used in other verses and here are the results:

First half of entry. H4932 משנה
Second half of entry. H4932 משנה

From this book:

The results say to me that this Alef Tav is witnessing that Yeshua, represented as the Alef Tav, is a copy or a double of the Torah of Moses! The Word/ Torah made flesh!

Joshua told us this long before John told us but we would never see it in the English!

Yah’s Torah is alive forevermore! ❤️ Because Yeshua is alive forevermore!

The video of this finding is here

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