First Kings 13

1 Kings 13:11- Now an old prophet dwelt in Bethel, and his sons came and told him all the works that the man of God (ish ha'Eloheim) had done that day in Bethel; they also told their father the words which he had spoken to the king.
12) And their father said to them, “Which way did he go?” For his sons had seen which way the man of God (ish ha'Eloheim) went who came from Judah.
13) Then he said to his sons, “Saddle the donkey for me.” So they saddled the donkey for him; and he rode on it,
14) and went after the man of God (ish ha'Eloheim), and found him sitting under an oak. Then he said to him, “Are you the man of God (ish ha'Eloheim) who came from Judah?” And he said, “I am.”
15) Then he said to him, “Come home with me and eat bread.”
16) And he said, “I cannot return with you nor go in with you; neither can I eat bread nor drink water with you in this place.
17) “For I have been told by the word of YHVH, ‘You shall not eat bread nor drink water there, nor return by going the way you came.’ ”
False prophet
19) So he went back with him, and ate bread in his house, and drank water.
20) Now it happened, as they sat at the table, that the word of YHVH came to the prophet who had brought him back;
21) and he cried out to the man of God (ish ha'Eloheim) who came from Judah, saying, “Thus says YHVH: ‘Because you have disobeyed the word of YHVH, and have not kept the commandment which YHVH your God commanded you,
22) ‘but you came back, ate bread, and drank water in the place of which YHVH said to you, “Eat no bread and drink no water,” your corpse shall not come to the tomb of your fathers.’ ”
23) So it was, after he had eaten bread and after he had drunk, that he saddled the donkey for him, the prophet whom he had brought back.
1 Kings 13:24
25) And there, men passed by and saw the corpse thrown on the road, and the lion standing by the corpse. Then they went and told it in the city where the old prophet dwelt.
26) Now when the prophet who had brought him back from the way heard it, he said, “It is the man of God (ish ha'Eloheim) who was disobedient to the word of YHVH. Therefore YHVH has delivered him to the lion, which has torn him and killed him, according to the word of YHVH which He spoke to him.”

The moral of the story?

False prophets will get you killed.

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