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Yesterday evening I listened in on the live stream of a channel I follow on YouTube. They were having a Sabbath gathering, which already wasn’t biblical, but I already wrote a blog about Yeshua and the Lunar Calendar, so we won’t go there today. But as I was listening, the co-speaker literally said that there would be no Caucasians in the coming kingdom! 😳 I began a chat (my YouTube photo is clearly a white woman). My comment was: “Hummm…you don’t believe there will be any Caucasians in the Kingdom?” (Just a simple question.)

The main speaker spoke up and began saying how “God is color-blind” and similar sayings and the co-speaker back-pedaled, saying that Caucasian doesn’t mean “white”. The whole program started ending. The main speaker began her closing statements, saying that they had been live for an hour and 40 minutes and that they should go, but that there would be a “private family chat” later. And “thank you” to all who listened and especially to the visitors…etc.

<Deep breath>

Why is it that humans feel the need to exclude others? In the “Church of Christ” denomination that I grew up in, the adults truly believe that our denomination will be the only one in heaven. I wasn’t that old before I could recognize that notion to be preposterous. Even laughable. We didn’t even follow the bible! (That was about when my rebellion of “religion” began.)

My next response to the dear Youtube speaker should have been, “Have you ever seen, or heard of, an all-black herd of sheep?” Very rare, indeed.

All throughout the history of mankind, there arises some guy who is under the impression that his race is supreme. Many times he will rise to some position of power and begin his extermination of  the race that his race is supposedly supreme over. This has such an ugly outcome. And ironically, all races have been subjected to this small-mindedness so you would think we had learned.

Those of us who are trying to follow Yeshua by obeying the Father, as He did, need to consider some very important, but hidden, truths. We don’t know the ethnicity of Shem, Ham, nor Japheth’s spouses. Nor do we know the ethnicity of Bilhah, nor Zilpah, Jacob’s secondary wives. YHVH loves diversity. Just look at how unique all of us are. Even the animal kingdom! So diverse! But one thing holds true…every one of us look exactly the same on the inside. And all of our blood runs red.

In the end, it will only be those who love YHVH with all our heart, all our soul and all our might, and who love our neighbor as ourself who will be allowed to dwell with our Father. And I have an idea that every single race will be represented! The love will flow freely, blindly and unhindered!

Shalom brothers and sisters in Yeshua. May we meet someday soon! 💕

What the people who are trying to discredit what you (Yair) are saying don’t realize is that a person can claim continually that they are of an Israelite tribe but unless they are obeying Torah, they are going to be grouped with pagans in the end.

My comment on Yair Davidiy of BritAm Organization’s YouTube video, “Brit-Am Hebrews” (I believe Yair’s research to be sound and biblical.)

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