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His Kingdom Come: Reckoning of Time

Yesterday evening (Thursday the 3rd of March), a group of people scattered throughout Israel looked for the sliver of the new moon to report back to those of us in exile. Yesterday was the 29th day of the month. No sightings of the sliver were reported making this evening (Friday) at sundown, by default, the beginning of the new month, and as it were, the 13th month of Yah’s calendar year. Why the 13th month? This is where it gets tricky.

Once you start the year there are some things that have to be ready by Passover/Pesach, the evening of the 14th. We can use the Passover week that Yeshua was crucified as a perfect example. Look at this template that I used several weeks back.

Now let’s consider what Leviticus 23 says:

Note: *the day after the Sabbath*

So, the day after the Sabbath the priest shall wave the sheaf (lit.- omer) before YHVH, to be accepted on our behalf. This, my dear friend, is why Mary mistook Yeshua for the gardener after He rose from the dead. He had been collecting the wave sheaf to present to YHVH on the first day of the week. That is why He told her not to cling to Him, but later tells Thomas to feel His wounds. When Mary saw Him He was about to ascend (olah =burnt offering) to the Father with the firstfruits offering.

If the barley were not ripe yet He wouldn’t have had anything to offer for firstfruits, the day after He arose! That is why you have to wait to start the new year until the barley, the earliest grain, is ready!

Once your barley is ready and you have brought your omer/sheaf of the wave offering, as Yeshua did, the day after the Sabbath, then you start counting your 50 days until the Day of Pentecost/Feast of Weeks.

You may be thinking at this point – How confusing! And I know exactly how you feel. I thought the same thing when I was just learning about all this, but I promise you that it gets much more clear as you start shifting your thinking to Yah’s reckoning of time. I assure you that a person who never tried to get on Yah’s calendar will never understand. It’s not until we try to understand that He imparts us with the understanding.

If you are interested in receiving the new moon reports from Israel, along with the barley reports, contact Deborah Gordon.

Here is her most current new moon report:

So, in closing, this evening – Shabbat shalom AND rosh chodesh sameach (happy new month)! May His Kingdom come and may His will be done! On earth as it is in heaven!


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