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Jer 7:10 – ‘We are delivered to do אֵת all these abominations’

Does that heading quote sound similar to anything you have heard people say today? For instance, “Jesus came so that we don’t have to keep the law”, or, “The law was nailed to the cross so we don’t have to do it”, or, “The law has been done away with.” Every one of those excuses encapsulate the quote in the heading. They all think that they have been delivered to do whatever abomination they are trying to justify. Yeshua and Jeremiah’s response is the next verse:

You may be thinking that Yeshua turning tables over in the Temple has nothing to do with the law being rejected today but they are exactly the same. Yeshua is as zealous for His Father’s Temple as He is for His Word, His law, His Torah. They are all intertwined. You may be thinking that Yeshua hasn’t “punished” anyone today for rejecting His Torah, in fact, the most evil (lawless) people are the most rich or successful or popular people. You would be right in most cases but you would be unfamiliar with scripture. You see, we only live short lives on earth. Eternity is… Well, you could compare our lives here to fireworks on the 4th of July. Fleeting. But eternity would be like the poor soul sentenced to solitary confinement for 4 life sentences. Well, that would be a lawless person’s eternity. The follower of Yeshua would have a wonderful eternity, naturally. 😇

But I’m getting off track. This post is to show you the Alef Tavs in Jer 7:10, 12 and 15. It is my belief that the Alef Tav in verse 10 points to the excuses used today for doing away with Torah AND that it also points to the quote of Yeshua’s about the Temple being treated as a den of thieves (Mat 21:13, Mar 11:17, Luk 19:46) We then have an Alef Tav in verses 12 and 15 drawing attention to what happens to those who do whatever they want.

(Shiloh is also another name for the Messiah.)

And then down in verse 15, we read:

Ephraim is STILL in exile for the same offences! Yet, we don’t learn.

Yeshua pleads with humanity. Don’t wait to repent and follow Him! A good place to start is honoring His 7th day Sabbath and keeping it holy. If you don’t know how, use that day to look up all “Sabbath” entries in a bible search engine, writing them down. Sabbath will begin at sundown each Friday evening and ends at sundown Saturday evening. Another easy commandment to begin with is rejecting abominable flesh, like pork, shellfish, catfish, etc. (Deut 14 & Lev 11). If you start with one or both of those things you’ll be well on your way! And read your bible through! One chapter in the morning and one at night will have you finished in just a year!

The YouTube version of this treasure is here if you prefer. 😉


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It's not about me, it's about my Father, His holy, unchanging Word, Yeshua made flesh! No ear tickling here. (And maybe a couple of posted recipes that I've been unable to find online elsewhere. 😉)

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