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What are the two middle words of Torah?

Shabbat shalom friend! In this week’s Torah portion we have the two middle words of the Torah and the middle letter of Torah. (Torah being the first five books of the Bible. The books of Moses.) There are an even number of words in Torah, hence the reason there are two middle words.

Turn in your bible to Leviticus chapter 10, verse 16.

“careful inquiry” in English is literally “inquiring, he inquired” in Hebrew. Darosh darash. Same Hebrew root.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the middle words are – inquiring, he inquired. We are instructed to be diligent in our walk with Eloheim. To be holy, as He is holy (Lev 11:44).

The middle letter of Torah can be found in Lev 11:42. The verse reads in English:

The middle letter is a vav (וֹ) and it is in the Hebrew word gachon גָּחוֹן, which means “belly”.

In all hand-written Torah scrolls this vav, the middle letter, is always written larger than the other letters (called a “tittle”, as in jots and tittles). The picture meaning of the vav is a nail or peg and the action meaning is “to attach, or secure”. So we have a nail securing the “belly”/middle of the Torah!

Yah’s Word is so interesting! Alive! Fresh! Full of wonder!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog because I have enjoyed preparing it for you! Thank you for stopping by and may you have a blessed rest of your Sabbath! 💕


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