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When is Passover, According to the Creator? Part 2

You have thought about it and now you want to follow YHVH’S commandments, beginning with Passover. But where do you start? Or better yet, when do you start? No one else on the planet wants to join you and all you have is a Bible. When to begin?

As with all things that pertain to Salvation, a little digging will be required. (We forget that fact these days because we usually just file in behind someone who we assume is “doing it right” without ever working it out for ourselves.) (It helps to come in before the wave of popularity. 😉)

The first verse that probably comes to mind, because it’s the most obvious, is Exodus 12:2:

Since the above verse is the most obvious, we can build off of it. We have YHVH telling us that there IS a first month of His year. But when do we start it? When do we transition from last year to the new year? It helps if you live an agrarian lifestyle.

Does YHVH give us any clues? Of course He does! Let’s look back at the plagues in Egypt. The seventh plague of hail, in particular. The account starts in Exo 9:18 and goes through verse 35, but our clue is verses 31 & 32, which reads:

31) Now the flax and the barley were struck, for the barley was in the head and the flax was in bud.
32) But the wheat and the spelt were not struck, for they are late crops.

We have a time frame! In the spring when the barley is ripe, or nearly ripe, but before the wheat and spelt have come up (or else they would be destroyed by the hail). The only thing that bothers me is that we don’t really know how much time passes from plague #7 to the last plague, #10. Do we have any other clues? Actually, our biggest clue lies in the resurrection of Yeshua, but let’s lay the groundwork first. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Turn with me to Leviticus chapter 23 where all the moed’im (appointed times) are listed. Our Passover verses begin in verse 5. Let’s look at them first.

Now, this is where most people quick digging but following is the key. Look at verses 9-14. We don’t farm grains these days so this part is foreign to us, but it’s the most important.

I will break the verses up into more manageable pieces.

It is speaking of the first weekly Sabbath after Passover. John confirms this with his account of Yeshua’s resurrection, or actually, the day after.
Yeshua, the male Lamb, one year from His baptism (not 3 1/2), who ascended with His firstfruits offering the day after the Sabbath!

Notice how He tells Mary not to cling to Him but later He tells Thomas to feel His wounds. He had already ascended with His firstfruits offering when speaking to Thomas!

Yeshua had been gathering His omer since Shabbat had been over, after He arose after 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb as He prophecied. (Mat 12:40)(Wednesday 3pm to Shabbat 3pm!)

I have heard some people assume that the firstfruits that these verses speak of is wheat. Wheat is harvested much later, as seen in the Exodus verses above. If these verses were speaking of wheat harvest it would be late in the year until you could eat bread, or parched grain or fresh grain, after your offering. No, these verses do not refer to wheat. Verse 39 of Leviticus chapter 23 may be speaking of wheat in the seventh month, or at the Feast of Weeks, seven weeks past Passover (also called “firstfruits to YHVH” in Lev 23:17, but a different one), but not verses 10-14.

Regarding the actual beginning of new Hebrew months, see the last couple of paragraphs of “What Made the Wise Men Wise?” that I posted earlier today –

With this post and the “Wise Men” post you have the tools to determine the Creator’s calendar and not have to rely on some man who follows a Babylonian counting. Now, we do follow a group in Israel that checks the barley and sights the sliver of the new moon each and every month. This is according to the verses from Micah 4:2 and Isaiah 2:3:

"...For out of Zion the Torah shall go forth,
And the word of YHVH from Jerusalem."

…but that’s just us trying to do His will to the best of our ability.

Blessings to you and may you have a meaningful Passover. 💕 We will be doing our Seder on Sunday evening, taking off work on the High Sabbath of Monday. 😇

If you are on Facebook and are interested in aviv barley and new moon reports from Israel, go to Devorah’s Date Tree. She has a team of dedicated, timely, reliable, knowledgeable people who search each month for the sliver of the new moon.


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