What is it about Sevens?!

In one chapter, Genesis 41, there are four ET shevah (אֵת שֶׁבַע), and I don’t know their significance, but in 2 Kings, chapters 4 and 5 may hold a plausible answer. (“Shevah” (שֶׁבַע) means 7, in Hebrew. ET (אֵת), the stand-alone Alef Tav, represents Yeshua.) In 2 Kings 4, we have the story of Elisha resurrectingContinue reading “What is it about Sevens?!”

…before YHVH ET (אֵת) in front of the veil

Shabbat shalom Kingdom people! In this week’s Torah portion we have an Aleph Tav treasure that I’m surprised that I haven’t recorded yet. It can be found in Lev 4:17, which reads in English (with the Alef Tav reinserted): Some of my favorite Alef Tav treasures are the ones that have a stand-alone Alef TavContinue reading “…before YHVH ET (אֵת) in front of the veil”

Yeshua Changed from His Prison Clothes | 2 Kin 25:29

Welcome back, friend. Here is another witness of Yeshua in 2 Kings 25. His handprint is all over the older testament! Our verse in my English NKJV bible reads with the Hebrew underneath: The Hebrew reads: And he changed (who changed?) Alef Tav (Yeshua) his garments [of] imprisonment and he ate bread always before himContinue reading “Yeshua Changed from His Prison Clothes | 2 Kin 25:29”

Yeshua, the Mustering Prince of His Coming Army

This little jewel can be found in 2 Kings 25:19 but let’s look at Joel 2:11 and Revelation first. Do we all agree that Yeshua has a great army? There will come a time in the near future when Yeshua will muster His great army to defeat the beast that rules this world. And inContinue reading “Yeshua, the Mustering Prince of His Coming Army”

His Kingdom Come: Reckoning of Time

Yesterday evening (Thursday the 3rd of March), a group of people scattered throughout Israel looked for the sliver of the new moon to report back to those of us in exile. Yesterday was the 29th day of the month. No sightings of the sliver were reported making this evening (Friday) at sundown, by default, theContinue reading “His Kingdom Come: Reckoning of Time”

Yeshua Seen in 2 Kings 18:12!

Happy Friday! Happy preparation day! The holy Shabbat is near and it is a beautiful day! It is such a joy to seek out evidences of Yeshua in the older testament! He says that if we seek Him, we will find Him if we seek Him with our whole heart! In 2 Kings 18:12, weContinue reading “Yeshua Seen in 2 Kings 18:12!”

Recurring Theme in Revelation

Have you ever noticed this recurring theme while reading through Revelation? Are you noticing a pattern? And the last one: Rev 20:4 – And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Yeshua andContinue reading “Recurring Theme in Revelation”

Yeshua Will Open Our Eyes and Ears

Hebrew names have meaning. You may have heard me mention that fact if you’ve seen many of my blogs. For instance, “Yeshua” means “salvation” (like the Angel mentioned in Matt 1:21), “Abraham” means “Father of many nations” (as YHVH states in Gen 17:5), “Bethlehem” means “house of bread”, etc. So when I come to aContinue reading “Yeshua Will Open Our Eyes and Ears”

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