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The Chief Baker Hanged

Welcome back friends! You all who know a little Hebrew, have you heard the phrase – Sar shalom? Prince of peace. It comes from Isa 9:6: So if you know that “Sar – שַׂר” means “chief, or prince”, look at the above bread photo and you will see a stand-alone Alef Tav with a vavContinue reading “The Chief Baker Hanged”


On Earth as it is in Heaven

Oftentimes in the studying of the stand-alone Alef Tavs, it seems that the instances where a vav (ו) is included (making the – ואת) the witness of Yeshua refers to His 2nd coming. Last night as I lay in bed, Genesis 1:1 came to mind and the 2 stand-alone Alef Tavs in that verse. AContinue reading “On Earth as it is in Heaven”

Jesus (Yeshua) the Word made flesh (Exodus verses)

In the Apostle John’s epistle we have him trying to tell us a very important truth about our Messiah Yeshua, that honestly, I never realized my whole young life. Let’s look at two verses in particular. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 (TheContinue reading “Jesus (Yeshua) the Word made flesh (Exodus verses)”