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Ki Tisa Jewel 💎

There is one jewel in this week’s Torah portion that I have to mention before letting this portion pass by. Exodus 34:11 reads in English: 11) “Observe what I command you this day. Behold, I am driving out from before you the Amorite and the Canaanite and the Hittite and the Perizzite and the HiviteContinue reading “Ki Tisa Jewel 💎”

Yeshua as the Testimony, Bracketing the Mercy Seat

It is so difficult trying to describe this treasure to you seekers when you probably don’t have a Hebrew Bible to reference, but I’ll do my best. This treasure is in Exodus chapter 25. The first bracket is in verse 16, which reads in English and Hebrew: Notice that the Alef Tav (אֵת) is beforeContinue reading “Yeshua as the Testimony, Bracketing the Mercy Seat”

Yeshua, Lion of El /Lion of Judah

You have no doubt heard of Yeshua as the lion of Judah from this verse in Revelation: Rev 5:5 – But one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep. Behold, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.”Continue reading “Yeshua, Lion of El /Lion of Judah”

Ark of the Covenant and Yeshua

Just a quick recap for those new to this blog, Yeshua tells us four times in Revelation that He is the Alef Tav. Rev 1:8, 1:11, 21:6 and 22:13. It has been hidden for 2,000 years because the translators changed it to Greek from the original Hebrew that John would have written it in andContinue reading “Ark of the Covenant and Yeshua”

All the desires of his soul

In the Torah portion of Shoftim (Deut 16:18 – 21:9), there was a neat little nugget that I meant to share but never did. The nugget is in the verse of Deut 18:6. It reads in the English: “So if a Levite comes from any of your gates, from where he dwells among all Israel,Continue reading “All the desires of his soul”

You Shall Not Forget | Today is Sept 11

Today is September 11. Today is also YHVH’s Sabbath. The last 4 words of today’s Torah portion is “You shall not forget”! Coincidence? You can decide. 😉 The Torah portion is Deut 21:10 – 25:19. Here is a short video with the treasures: Remember את – Deut 24:9 Remember את – Deut 25:17 “YouContinue reading “You Shall Not Forget | Today is Sept 11”

Yeshua (Jesus) connected to a sickle in the OT

Today’s devotional will show you a witness of Yeshua in 1 Samuel with a sickle, but first, let’s determine Yeshua connected to sickles in the newer testament. Turn in your bible to Revelation 14:14, which reads: The verses in chapter 14 continue, describing Yeshua doing the reaping: John continues in Revelation by describing an angelContinue reading “Yeshua (Jesus) connected to a sickle in the OT”

He (אֵת) removed the protection of Judah

Welcome back friends. We have another Alef Tav treasure for you today but if you’re new to the Alef Tav concept, please first take a look at the introductory blog or watch the short introductory video Turn in your bible to Isaiah 22:8 and in the English it reads: Isa 22:8 – He removed theContinue reading “He (אֵת) removed the protection of Judah”