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Yeshua as the Testimony, Bracketing the Mercy Seat

It is so difficult trying to describe this treasure to you seekers when you probably don’t have a Hebrew Bible to reference, but I’ll do my best. This treasure is in Exodus chapter 25. The first bracket is in verse 16, which reads in English and Hebrew: Notice that the Alef Tav (אֵת) is beforeContinue reading “Yeshua as the Testimony, Bracketing the Mercy Seat”

Prophecy of Yeshua, Still to Be Fulfilled

Welcome back, friend! I pray you are having a blessed day! Our hidden treasure for today is in 2 Kings 8:21, if you’d like to turn there in your bible. (If you are unfamiliar with the Alef Tav representing Yeshua, see this blog first – or this YouTube video: ) Our verse for todayContinue reading “Prophecy of Yeshua, Still to Be Fulfilled”

Yeshua (את) Fights For Israel

In the last post we hear Moses telling the frightened Israelites that Yeshua will fight for them. This post will show the proof! We are still in the B’shallach Torah portion but turn to Exodus 14:24. The first verse reads: (with our Aleph Tav reinserted) Yeshua was there! HE troubled Pharaoh’s army, and he placeContinue reading “Yeshua (את) Fights For Israel”

Zimri in 1 Kings 16:12

Hebrew names have meaning. We have looked at some Hebrew names and their meanings before. While reading through First Kings again, more slowly this time, the significance of some stand-alone Alef Tavs are becoming more clear. This blog is about one in particular. Turn with me to 1 Kings 16:12. The verse reads in English:Continue reading “Zimri in 1 Kings 16:12”

Yeshua in Exodus 10:2

Exodus chapter 10 begins: 1) Now YHVH said to Moses, “Go in to Pharaoh; for I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his servants, that I may show these signs of Mine before him, Verse 2: Last week’s (yesterday’s) Torah portion had an Alef Tav treasure that I had never addressed. So manyContinue reading “Yeshua in Exodus 10:2”

Yeshua, All the Desire of Solomon

Welcome back friends all over the world! Shalom to all of you in Israel, Nigeria, Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, Russia, those of you scattered throughout the USA and everyone else who visits later! I appreciate you all stopping by. 💓 Today we are back in 1 Kings, chapter 9 again. In my favorite Alef TavContinue reading “Yeshua, All the Desire of Solomon”

Yeshua, Wall of Protection

In 2003, I took my first trip to Israel. It was more of a “scouting” trip so that I could take other trips later by myself and have an idea about the customs, currency, geography, etc. The circumstances of joining a church tour based out of Texas (I’m in Tennessee.) was nothing short of theContinue reading “Yeshua, Wall of Protection”

The Chief Baker Hanged

Welcome back friends! You all who know a little Hebrew, have you heard the phrase – Sar shalom? Prince of peace. It comes from Isa 9:6: So if you know that “Sar – שַׂר” means “chief, or prince”, look at the above bread photo and you will see a stand-alone Alef Tav with a vavContinue reading “The Chief Baker Hanged”

ET (את) oath of YHVH

Shalom friends! Today’s Aleph Tav treasures can be found in 1 Kings 2:43 and 44. If you are new to the Alef Tav concept of Yeshua being represented by the stand-alone את all throughout the older testament, see this blog: or see the short YouTube here: In 1 Kings 2:43, we have SolomonContinue reading “ET (את) oath of YHVH”

You Are Wise and Know Yeshua

Hello friends! 👋 Welcome back. (Baruch ha’ba (in Hebrew 😉)) Yesterday we saw where David spoke blessings over Solomon using the stand-alone Alef Tav, which we know from Yeshua’s words in Revelation (1:8, 1:11, 21:6 & 22:13) are references to Himself all throughout the older testament. In 1 Kings 2:9, we have David still addressingContinue reading “You Are Wise and Know Yeshua”