…Who Brings Forth the Fruit of the Vine

The other ancient blessing is a blessing over the fruit of the vine and it begins the same as the blessing over the bread. It is as follows: Blessed are You YHVH ELOHEINU, King of all the earth, who creates the fruit of the vine. Ancient Jewish blessing Or even better in the original Hebrew:Continue reading “…Who Brings Forth the Fruit of the Vine”

Blessed Are You YHVH

Many Jewish prayers begin with the words – Blessed are You Adonai (YHVH) Eloheinu king of all the earth… Or rather, in the more beautiful original Hebrew – Baruch ata YHVH Eloheinu melech ha’olam… But the blessing that they say over the bread and wine should be particularly important to all believers in the Messiah.Continue reading “Blessed Are You YHVH”

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