David’s Prophetic Charge to Solomon (את)

Welcome back friends! Today we are in 1 Kings chapter 2 and King David is nearing his end and establishing Solomon his son to be heir of his throne. There were no stand-alone Alef Tavs in chapter 1, that I saw, but we have two in verse 3 of the second chapter. The first twoContinue reading “David’s Prophetic Charge to Solomon (את)”

Got Joy?

Did you know that if we followed Yeshua we would have a guaranteed Sabbath off each week, a day off for New Moon day each month, two days off for Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread,  a day off for Feast of Weeks (Shavuot), a day off for Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and a week offContinue reading “Got Joy?”

Savior to Evergreens Too!

You are probably familiar with Jeremiah’s mentioning of Christmas trees in Jeremiah chapter 10, but are you familiar with Isaiah’s? It is in chapter 14, where he is actually speaking to the king of Babylon, also known as Lucifer (verse 12). Let’s look at the preceding verse and the following verse to the evergreen verseContinue reading “Savior to Evergreens Too!”

…but David strengthened himself in YHVH Elohav (his Eloheim)

The book of 1 Samuel nears it’s close with the Amalekites taking David and his mens’ families captive while they were gone from their town. David’s troops come home to find their town pillaged, burned with fire and everyone gone. First Samuel 30:4-6 reads: 4) Then David and the people who were with him liftedContinue reading “…but David strengthened himself in YHVH Elohav (his Eloheim)”

Need a Definitive Answer From Eloheim?

Welcome back friends! You may read the heading of this blog and ask yourself, How do I get a definitive answer from Eloheim? Cast lots! What is casting lots, you may ask, and how is it done? Isn’t that like betting? Growing up, I had no idea what it was but I probably would haveContinue reading “Need a Definitive Answer From Eloheim?”

David’s Story Mirrors Yeshua’s Story

As I’m reading through 1 Samuel, it occurs to me how similar David’s story is to Yeshua’s. Even the characters are the same. David would be Yeshua and Jonathan would be John, the Apostle Yeshua loves. The Philistine Goliath would be figuratively the Devil and Saul would be Saul/the Pharisees. It is uncanny, the similarities!Continue reading “David’s Story Mirrors Yeshua’s Story”

Isaac, a picture of Messiah

Welcome back friends. Today we have two witnesses of Isaac being a picture of, or a foreshadowing of the Messiah in this week’s Torah portion, and they’re only 31 verses apart. Turn with me to our first one in Genesis 21:5. It reads, and I worded it in the same order the Hebrew words it:Continue reading “Isaac, a picture of Messiah”

Slippery Serpents

Welcome back friends! Have you ever taken a close look at the conversation between the serpent and Eve in the garden of Eden? Actually, the serpent tells the truth…kind of. First off, he baits her into a conversation about the trees. Let’s look at the exchange. Eve’s reply: Now, according to the account we have,Continue reading “Slippery Serpents”

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