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Continuation of “Yeshua in Mishpatim Torah portion”

Since I got a bit off track in the last blog, to avoid stretching it too long I figured I’d separate the treasures into two. Turn with me to Exodus 24:3 and we’ll get right to it! This set of treasures is in verses 3 & 4, which reads: And then six verses later weContinue reading “Continuation of “Yeshua in Mishpatim Torah portion””


and they saw את God of Israel / Exo 24:10

Welcome back, lovers of Yeshua. In Exodus 24 we have a very interesting stand-alone Aleph Tav right next to Elohei (God) Israel. The whole verse reads: But maybe to get more context we should look at the verse before, which reads: Then Moses went up, also Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the eldersContinue reading “and they saw את God of Israel / Exo 24:10”