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Up From the Grave He Arose!

Try to imagine… From the moment Yeshua was born the adversary had been plotting how to destroy Him. And then, after being put through unimaginable torture and pain, Yeshua never once calling down His army of angels, it looked like Lucifer finally won. He defeated (seemingly) the holy Son of the Almighty. Hasatan must haveContinue reading “Up From the Grave He Arose!”

Yeshua is still obeying the Father!

Welcome back you wonderful people! This blog is for all the Kingdom people. People who love the Father with all their heart, all their soul and with all their strength. If you believe Yeshua is the Messiah and was born in flesh to a virgin, that He was crucified on a cross until death, thatContinue reading “Yeshua is still obeying the Father!”