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ET (את) oath of YHVH

Shalom friends! Today’s Aleph Tav treasures can be found in 1 Kings 2:43 and 44. If you are new to the Alef Tav concept of Yeshua being represented by the stand-alone את all throughout the older testament, see this blog: or see the short YouTube here: In 1 Kings 2:43, we have SolomonContinue reading “ET (את) oath of YHVH”

Yeshua/Jesus in Isa 63:11

Hello Friends! I hope your day is going very well so far! We have another special treasure to reveal to you today, this time in Isaiah. The set of verses we will look at hint at Yeshua already in the plain text but we also have a stand-alone Aleph Tav to confirm who Isaiah isContinue reading “Yeshua/Jesus in Isa 63:11”

Witness of Yeshua/Jesus in Num 19:9 (as the Alef Tav את)

In today’s Torah portion of Chukat (Num 19:1 – 22:1) there are a couple of witnesses of Yeshua as the Alef Tav and this one is the first one. I love finding witnesses of Yeshua in Torah because Yeshua tells us that Moses wrote about Him! Turn in your bible to Num 19:9. Numbers 19:9Continue reading “Witness of Yeshua/Jesus in Num 19:9 (as the Alef Tav את)”

More Yeshua in Torah!

“And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He (Yeshua) expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.” – Luke 24:27 Thirty years ago, if you had asked me – Where did Moses write about Yeshua?, I would not have had any idea. It wasn’t until everything that I loved was strippedContinue reading “More Yeshua in Torah!”