Narcissistic Jezebel, a Heinous Spirit

A dear Facebook friend that I’ve never actually met in person is experiencing attacks from a Jezebel narcissist lately. My friend is pregnant and her husband is being influenced by this manipulative, evil, deceptive “Christian”. Her husband has left her with 5 children, not including the baby girl in the womb. My friend is atContinue reading “Narcissistic Jezebel, a Heinous Spirit”

…but David strengthened himself in YHVH Elohav (his Eloheim)

The book of 1 Samuel nears it’s close with the Amalekites taking David and his mens’ families captive while they were gone from their town. David’s troops come home to find their town pillaged, burned with fire and everyone gone. First Samuel 30:4-6 reads: 4) Then David and the people who were with him liftedContinue reading “…but David strengthened himself in YHVH Elohav (his Eloheim)”

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