Slippery Serpents

Welcome back friends! Have you ever taken a close look at the conversation between the serpent and Eve in the garden of Eden? Actually, the serpent tells the truth…kind of. First off, he baits her into a conversation about the trees. Let’s look at the exchange. Eve’s reply: Now, according to the account we have,Continue reading “Slippery Serpents”

Who’s Your Daddy?

Our Creator’s Word is the Torah, the Law. It is also the books we call the Prophets (eg. -Those books that constantly say: “Thus sayeth the LORD”, or “and the LORD said to Jeremiah/Ezekiel/Isaiah/Zechariah”/etc..) The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, so Yeshua’s teachings align with the Creator’s. Yeshua calls the Creator Father andContinue reading “Who’s Your Daddy?”

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