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Yeshua/Jesus in Isa 52:10

It is wonderful to me that we are now able to see these amazing, hidden witnesses of Yeshua in the older testament now! How exciting it is! Sixty years ago it would have been impossible to know about these, unless you knew biblical Hebrew, and that was very rare. But now there is a wholeContinue reading “Yeshua/Jesus in Isa 52:10”


The End from the Beginning

On Tuesday of this week a woman discovered my introduction Alef Tav video (that I will link at the end) and added some very interesting points that she noticed about Gen 1:1 that I will also share with you. There is an introduction blog post that is here for those interested in getting some background.Continue reading “The End from the Beginning”

Hallow the Sabbath – A Hebrew Perspective

Do you see how the Hebrew words for “seven” & “Sabbath” are almost exactly the same? When Hebrew words share two of three of the same root letters, they are understood to be sister words. Many times the words have similar meanings, or in this case, compliment each other. As the Sabbath is the seventhContinue reading “Hallow the Sabbath – A Hebrew Perspective”

YHVH את all righteousness of YHVH

In 1 Samuel 12:7 we have an interesting Aleph Tav (את) treasure. Our verse reads: Now therefore, stand still, that I may reason with you before YHVH את all righteousness of YHVH which He did to you and your fathers: – 1 Sam 12:7 This is another stand-alone Aleph Tav but it is right nextContinue reading “YHVH את all righteousness of YHVH”

the Secret of the tribes’ encampments!

Yah has a reason for everything He says and does and even when we think that something He has us do is trite or meaningless or that He’s just making us jump through hoops for no reason, you can be sure there is a reason! Take, for instance, the seemingly boring chapter of Numbers 2.Continue reading “the Secret of the tribes’ encampments!”