Continuation of “Yeshua in Mishpatim Torah portion”

Since I got a bit off track in the last blog, to avoid stretching it too long I figured I’d separate the treasures into two. Turn with me to Exodus 24:3 and we’ll get right to it! This set of treasures is in verses 3 & 4, which reads: And then six verses later weContinue reading “Continuation of “Yeshua in Mishpatim Torah portion””

Yeshua in Mishpatim Torah portion

We go 71 verses into Mishpatim Torah portion (Exo 21:1 – 24:18) before an unhyphenated Alef Tav shows up and when He does, He packs a punch! Our verse of Exo 23:25 in English, with the Aleph Tav reinserted, reads: Here’s a photo in the Hebrew: So, you (plural) shall serve Yeshua YHVH your Eloheim.Continue reading “Yeshua in Mishpatim Torah portion”

Yeshua (את) Fights For Israel

In the last post we hear Moses telling the frightened Israelites that Yeshua will fight for them. This post will show the proof! We are still in the B’shallach Torah portion but turn to Exodus 14:24. The first verse reads: (with our Aleph Tav reinserted) Yeshua was there! HE troubled Pharaoh’s army, and he placeContinue reading “Yeshua (את) Fights For Israel”

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