The Two Middle Words and Middle Letter in Torah

Shabbat Shalom kingdom people! May you be having a blessed day of rest.

Embedded in today’s Torah portion we have the two middle words (since there are an even number of Hebrew words) and the middle letter. We are in the Sh’mini Torah portion which goes from Lev 9:1 through Lev 11:47, or to the end of the chapter.

Look with me at the first 6 words of verse 16 of chapter 10.

Lev 10:16a

Yeshua’s word is awe some! The above example brings to mind another verse.

Jer 29:13

The next two Hebrew words in this verse are:

Just for interest’s sake. 😇

Now on to the middle letter of the Torah. I’ll give you a hint. It’s literally in the belly of the Torah! Turn to Lev 11:42, which reads:

‘Whatever crawls on its belly, whatever goes on all fours, or whatever has many feet among all creeping things that creep on the earth—these you shall not eat, for they are an abomination.'

The Hebrew word for belly is gachon (גחון). The vav (ו) in this word is the middle letter in the Torah and is always written enlarged in hand written and some printed Torahs. Enlarged letters are tittles (as in the jots and tittles Yeshua speaks of). Here is a photo of the enlarged vav in this verse:

Tittle: Enlarged vav in “belly”, “gachon”, of Lev 11:42. The middle letter of the Torah.

I pray this has been a blessing to you. Finding the pearls in the Word is such a delight! Shavua tov! Have a good week!

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It's not about me, it's about my Father, His holy, unchanging Word, Yeshua made flesh! No ear tickling here. (And maybe a couple of posted recipes that I've been unable to find online elsewhere. 😉)

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